The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS): Development projects of the operative unit

NHG has carried out a number of development projects for the operative unit of HUS. The first, launched in 2007, concentrated on joint replacement and ambulatory care center services, and revealed, for example, that:

Joint replacement surgery reorganisation and the utilisation of the best practices can save up to 15% of the costs, i.e. several million euros a year.

In ambulatory care center (where the patient is discharged on the same day) the increase potential of volumes is more than a third compared to the present situation, which means about 2,700 additional surgeries every year.

The daily team-specific production shows a growth potential of 25-30%.

As a result of the project, the joint replacement and same-day surgery were reorganised by, for example, concentrating the whole joint replacement surgery of the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) in the Peijas Hospital, and by profiling the ambulatory care units. In addition, concepts and indicators developed during the project were introduced to surgery units, outpatient clinics and wards. Treatment times in joint replacement surgery have become shorter and the share of ambulatory care center services increased: in 2012, HUCH had the shortest joint replacement treatment times and the most same-day surgeries among the Finnish university hospitals.

Later (2009) NHG conducted several cooperation projects with HUCH’s operative unit including patient episode management, incentive systems, and hospital, unit and professional group productivity. The results have been put to extensive use: resourcing has changed, and monitoring and management practices developed in the different specialities and operational units. Based on the active development work, HUCH’s operative costs have shown the least increase over the past few years compared to the other Finnish university hospitals.