The City of Tampere: Home care service integrator ’Kotitori’, 2009-2015

NHG collaborates with Mawell Care as the senior home care service integrator in the City of Tampere. Kotitori is a new service procurement concept in which the city buys regular home care services and support services for 400 seniors from a service integrator, who in turn buys the services from the private providers. The service integrator acts as a coordinator, and compiles customised service packages from public, private and third sector service providers.

NHG’s areas of responsibility include the gathering of the service provider network, quality management, and the development of the city’s own home care services. Network gathering and management involves tasks related to competitive tendering, monitoring and quality management and mutual cooperation between the service provider network and the Kotitori team. The projects relating to the development of the home care services of Tampere include matters relating to resourcing, productivity, efficiency, indicators and reports.

As a result, the home care area managed by the integrator has a greater effectiveness compared to the other areas in the city: less sheltered housing, less use of special health care. Based on the development work, the direct working hours of those employed in the city’s own elderly care services have increased from 45% to 55%. There are 17 % less new frequent home care clients in the area managed by the integrator compared to the rest of the city.

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