Pekka Kallionpää

Project Manager, M.Sc. (Econ.) 2013, Aalto ECON

From studies to a career

I graduated from the School of Economics in 2013 with financing as my major. My work at NHG had already begun the previous autumn, and I finished my studies while working. Prior to NHG, I had gained work experience in various financial sector positions, mainly in a bank’s marketing and financial management departments, in addition to which I had acquired a commercial pilot’s licence from the Finnish Aviation Academy.

A project manager’s job description is versatile, and I have had the opportunity to work in many interesting projects that vary both in terms of content and size. On a typical working day, I talk with customers, gather and analyse data, prepare customer reports and sometimes travel, mainly within Finland. The work is project-oriented, and usually there are several projects ongoing at the same time. The NHG staff members come from many different backgrounds with a wide array of degrees, and previous experience in the health care sector is not expected – the main thing is that you are interested in the field, and possess an analytical and sharp mind.

The atmosphere at NHG is relaxed. Thanks to flexible hours, the work-life balance is pretty much in your own hands. Of course, the customer is always the number one priority, and sometimes the pace can be quite hectic. NHG’s field, social and health care, is an interesting and challenging one, partly because there is always room for improvement, and partly as it seems to be in constant turmoil. I’m also motivated by the meaningfulness of my work, not least from the taxpayer’s point of view, and our successes have a direct impact on people’s well-being. This perception is shared by many of us at NHG.

In a small company, there isn’t that much obvious hierarchy within the organisation, it is more flexible, and everyone knows each other. We get along very well, and many colleagues meet up for morning jogs, floorball and beach football games, or nights out. If I had to describe NHG in three words, they would be youthful, flexible and knowledgeable!