Kainuu province: Concept planning for a new hospital

The project has been ongoing for about two years and has produced a new service production model for the entire Central Hospital of Kainuu, defined the role of the hospital in the regional social and health care system, and planned the facilities needed. The project is divided into stages, the three most important ones being:

Ground survey of the present and future situation of special health care, primary health care, and closely related social services: The project also includes analyses of the central hospital’s patient flows, the future demand for special and primary health care services and the elderly care services, and means to meet the growing demand without additional resources.

Hospital concept: the ground survey was used to build a concept for the new Central Hospital of Kainuu and the surrounding service network. The concept defines what the hospital does and does not offer, and offers guidelines for progressive patient care. The different operational entities, and the general principles governing the operation of the hospital, were also covered. The concept was drawn up for six operational entities: emergency care, elective operation, rehabilitation, primary health care, support services and elderly care services. Process diagrams, patient segmentation, main operating principles, and the new units were also presented. The concept was defined using current resource data and output data on unit visits, treatment days, and the number of staff. At the end of the project, the productivity of the new concept was estimated.

Operational plan, in which the plans presented in the previous phases were specified per unit and per form of service: It specified, for example, the content and connections of the different operational entities (blocs), defined the process-specific action plans and calculations (including the patient, personnel, information and material flows), simulated processes at the hospital, bloc and unit levels, and specified the volumes and connections of the different operations in relation to each other. The operational planning stage was finished with a process-based layout and floor plan for the new hospital, and an estimate of the building costs.

The plan addresses the hospital and its role in the service system in a comprehensive manner. The actual construction costs equal to no more than one or two years’ operating expenditures. The main priority of the project has to be placed on the new service system.