Data analyses

Vast amounts of healthcare and care information is stored and available, but this information is scattered to different healthcare units and their systems. At the heart of NHG’s expertise is collecting the necessary raw data directly from the EMR, HR and ERP systems, and combining and analysing it to provide the fact base for strategy or process development.

For example, through data analysis of patient visit, billing and bed ward days we are able to analyse the emergency unit patient flows, or see how elderly home care customers use different healthcare and care services.

Our data analyses are based both on traditional statistical analyses and advanced simulation and data mining methods.

Industrial management

NHG’s operations are based on an extensive theoretical understanding of industrial management methods and their practical application to health and social services. The methods used include:

  • Lean
  • TOC
  • Quality management such as TQM
  • Value analysis
  • Benchmarking (peer review)
  • Statistical process control (SPC)

Participative working methods

Workshops, individual and team coaching, mentoring.

Coaching is both a result-oriented and development-oriented process, in which NHG’s coach helps an individual or a team to implement or increase resources in order to achieve the set objectives. Coaching provides support in the strategy implementation stage, and is a powerful tool for managers and executives when realising changes. Couching is applicable to both individuals and groups.

Use of research data

In our projects we use a wide range of clinical, industrial management and health economics research data. Several of our projects have led to national or international publications written together with our clients and we support our employees’ theses and dissertations.


Coaching in management and supervision, job-related social skills and leadership ensures that successful change implementation is not prevented by deficiencies in management and leadership. Similarly, effective, supportive leadership and management are essential for the well-being of the workplace. We also conduct change and accountability coaching for the entire staff.