Benchmarking in development

With the help of comparative data, NHG has helped clients in special, primary and private healthcare sectors to improve the productivity and quality of their services. The aim is to effectively find and disseminate industry’s best practices among those working in health and social services. NHG’s methods are based on research data: our activities have contributed to several scientific articles, PhD dissertations and Master’s theses.

Why benchmark? Often, the mere knowledge of one’s own level of results is not enough. Performance-affecting factors also need to be acknowledged. Is it possible to find concepts and best practices that are applicable to our own units and processes? Reflection on the possible development options together with colleagues helps to understand different solutions. With benchmarking, many of our clients have significantly improved the quality and productivity of their processes. Leaning on the experiments of other similar units has, for example, resulted in shorter throughput times, improved work shift arrangements, better utilisation rates, or less change resistance.