Anne Kaarnasaari, Senior Expert

Master of Health Science, physical therapist

As postgraduate studies, for example: Special Qualification in Management (JET), social and health management (professional development training), Change Laboratory instructor training, management consulting

At NHG in project management positions since 2007, programme coordinator since the beginning of 2008

I have worked in various public sector jobs for over 20 years, abroad (Sweden and Switzerland) for almost two, and for the past three years in various consulting, coaching and project management positions.

I represent those with lots of experience from many different jobs. I’m a bit of a veteran in social and health care services, who has pursued further training in development methods, management, and management consulting. Managerial duties and demanding development projects in the social and health care sector in general, and in the elderly and disabled services in particular, have given me an insight into public sector and everyday realism. This understanding is needed when the customers and I try to find new and innovative solutions to prevailing challenges.

My earlier job as a service area manager made me understand that the social and health care sector cannot cope with its challenges without ICT and welfare technology. The service descriptions and requirement specifications written at the time obviously set me on a path which I continue to follow as a national coordinator in an EU-level programme cooperation. Here, too, it is necessary to have a background team that consist of experts from various fields. Through this programme and national programme coordination NHG is firmly footed in increasingly international scope of work.

The best results are often obtained by combining the expertise of different people. You need youthful energy and theoretical knowledge, but also sound practical and operational expertise – both are necessary in order to achieve a balanced, realistic and accurate end result. At NHG, the value of this type of joint expertise is well understood. In addition to fairly recent graduates, we have hired experienced veterans, who have seen life, and many different jobs and positions. From the project viewpoint, the client always gets the best possible combination of people whose lines of expertise compliment each other.

Here, if anywhere, you get to use all your knowledge and all your skills – together with other top professionals!